Used & Refurbished Cubicle Workstations, Chairs & Filing Cabinets "Buy, Sell & Trade" Office System Furniture Installation, Reconfiguration & Relocation in Markham & Toronto


After measuring the space you have and asking about the kind of work you do, we check our inventory to find the best configuration available that suits your needs and a few color options that match your flooring, paint or possibly some existing furniture. We draw a couple of options and suggest the as is product we have in our inventory. This will be the most affordable solution. When you decide on an option, depending on our schedule, we can deliver and install and get you started in a couple of days, sometimes within 24 hours. This option, depending on the product, size, components, configuration and location will cost between $300 and $1,200 per station including delivery and installation.

Affordable cost

In case you want to pick your own panel fabric, trim color or laminate we will offer you a wide range of colors and materials to choose from, if the fabric or laminate is available in our stock, we can do the job in a few days otherwise it'll take a couple of weeks. With fully refurbished product you will have brand new looking and functioning work stations for a fraction of the original price. Of course you have the option of semi refurbished which will bring the cost lower than fully refurbished. This option will cost between $500 and $2,000 including delivery and installation.

We have an inventory of over 1500 work stations in our warehouse we have our own trucks and installation crew. We refurbish the product in-house and service what we sell. We are an absolute one stop shop for your cubicle needs and since there are no middlemen involved we provide the most competitive pricing.